08 January 2008

Yves St-Laurent on Ashes, Paper & Beans

My guest on the 8 Jan 2008 episode of Ashes, Paper & Beans was performing songwriter Yves St-Laurent, originally from Fredericton but currently living in Montreal, in the "fishbowl" with his guitar. The show started with "So Far" and ended with "Not So Very Far" off his demo CD Trains, Blues & Guitars. The rest of the show was an interview interspersed with live performances of his "Song About Memphis", "Here Comes My Girl", and "The Underwear Song". Yves St-Laurent can be found on Facebook and MySpace both.

shirt: Yellow
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sound: Yves St-Laurent Trains, Blues & Guitars

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Unknown said...

I miss being able to listen online :-( sounds like you've been having some really great shows.