06 January 2008

small change morning

epiphany or orthodox christmas for some
light snow flurries fell overnight
—enough for acts of snow graffiti

a big SORRY with   below
a cock and balls drawing
fingered on rear window

[swastika] Punks Rule
on the snow-dusted hood
of grey chevrolet car

—nasty piece of work there!
who here so believes
or copies that today?

not the girl who
just walked down york:
pink sid vicious bag
slung off one shoulder
wheeled suitcase behind

where's dustan nowadays?
on church collection Sunday
checking not-locked cars
for loose change and stuff

not andy with tattooed
spiderweb on his face
who found god or . . .

marilyn's ex-friend wayne
with the ss swastika band
tattooed around a calf
could be a candidate
but he's ex-con not punk

so who? who is the annon
fascist racist in fredericton
who committed this crime against?
T-shirt: CHSR 97.9 FM
loc: postlaundry
temp: -3
sound: Dylan and the Dead

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