31 January 2008

On the Blog Again

I’d wanted to write and post with Fred e-Zone while on the Acadian bus in the terminal parting lot and road out of Fredchicken but the e-Zone was proving illusive. More problematic is the lack of power in the outlets running down the side of the bus. That will really limit my ability to use this lapdog while busin’ this evening. I’m tired enough to not bother or worry. Rest is good.

Tomorrow will be a full day at Bessborough School in Moncton. Looks like it will be five presentations within the seven class periods. Grades 6 to 8 students. No idea how many students to a class, or whether I’ll be presenting to hand-picked groups. I’m to be set-up in the school library. A display of handmade and trade books on one table. My journal, laptop and ol’ portable manual typewriter on another. Me in between the two tables. I’m to talk about how the students can become writers and get published. Talk about Broken Jaw Press. Talk about my own writing and editing and related “cultural personality” activities.

Tomorrow my grandmother goes into the hospital for a blood transfusion. Gram, who has never been hospitalized but whose bones are riddled with cancer. Some of them like crystal according to a CAT scan last week. This afternoon, I talked briefly with her over the telephone.

Next week Dad gets a CAT scan and a bone marrow extraction. The doctors worried now by his weight loss. He’s down to what he weighed as a teenager. And the meds still aren’t stabilizing his white cell count.

Next week my sister Ruth, in Halifax, is off to Smooth Rock Fall, Ontario. My other sister, Carol, in Toronto, flies to San Francisco for an ongoing leadership course she’s taking north of that city. Me? I’m also on the road: to Edmundston, to Sackville and Moncton, to Saint John. Would you believe our father used to own a trucking company in Nova Scotia?

shirt: Harvest JAB 2007 Year of the Volunteers
loc: on bus 15109
temp: -7
sound: Cheap Trick “I Want You to Want Me” on Fred FM on the bus

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