25 January 2008

Robert Burns Day 2008

Colder in Fredericton today at -28ºC than what I thought was a cold -20ºC Red Square in Moscow in 1996 on the BBC News.

I was in Dumfries, in southwestern Scotland that day, guest of poet Tom Pow at the Dumfries Academy.

What a day, what a place, for me to do a poetry reading and talk. Many of the students' questions not about my poetry were about Quebec's relationship with the rest of Canada. They were interested because of Scotland's relationship with its neighbour to the south.

One of the newspaper articles covering my month-long stay in Scotland around Burns' Bicentenery.

I loved the three-part candle-lit parade of Burns-inspired bamboo & rice paper lanterns that converged on the town square for the lighting of the far-larger-than-live profile of Scotland's National Bard.

Today, I do my part to continue the tribute. I'm making haggis straight up (unlike last year's haggis eggroll and samosa adventure) and I'll be joining my fellow tarmac bums in the Blacktop Motorcycle Gang for a party and "reading raid" @ Robbie Burns' statue on the Green.

shirt: The Globe Inn, "Burn's howff"
loc: insideyafoolwhereelse
temp: -28ºC
sound: Sleepy Driver "Ring the Black Bell"

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