24 January 2008

2 Feb Writing Workshop & Reading

Postcard Story Workshop
12–1:30 pm

Writing from Away: Mistakes, Mischief and Miracles

You're travelling when you're supposed to be back at work. You meet someone who nearly makes you forget about going home. You run into a long-lost cousin who hasn't been totally upfront about what he's doing. You've jigged your German language class and taken off to the tourist attractions. You've left the Italian Masterpieces tour to meet someone at a café down the road. You've missed your train again. You get lost in the eyes looking out at you from the portrait and forget an appointment . . . Sometimes this kind of mistake can turn your life around.

How has art or travel led you to mischief or miracles? Care to share? At this workshop, Jo-Anne Elder will give you some tips about writing flash fiction, very very short stories, based on your photos, on postcard pictures or on the work in the Writing Home exhibition. You're welcome to bring your own family photos or postcards, and we'll have lots of other artwork to look at as well.

To register for the workshop, call or email the gallery at 454-1433 or email connex@nbnet.nb.ca.

Gallery Connexion
453 Queen Street–Justice Building Annex
Box 696 Fredericton NB E3B 5B4
T 506.454.1433

Thanks to the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, there is no charge for this program. For ages 14 and up, no writing or travel experience necessary, but we hope you'll learn a bit about travelling lighter.

Jo-Anne Elder is the author of Postcards from Ex-Lovers (Broken Jaw Press) and a translator of Acadien and other francophone writers.

Writing Home Reading + Open Mic

Featured readers: Faye Heavyshield, Bonnie Devine, Nela Rio and Joe Blades.

Jo-Anne Elder will also read then emcee a literary Open Mic on the exhibition theme of "Writing Home" from 2 to 3pm.

Workshop participants are welcome to read their postcard stories. All poets, writers, and interested folk are encouraged to attend and do a reading. Free admission.

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