01 April 2007

almost full moon

happy april fool's day
happy fiscal new year's day
happy autocrats and feastocrats
on the day after the big event
the first shire event in fredericton
oromocto since feast of fools i
a good time had by all gentles
a great many compliments on the food
location facilities and entertainment

[i've no pics from the event as i
was too in the kitchen but i do
have some pics of the food in
preparation that I can post
only after getting and connecting
camera to computer and dwnloading
the photos therein . . . tomorrow
. . . but I have tweaked the colours
and page format of this blog template
design to make it easier to read]

shirt: dk blue prairie-T
loc: Fredsunwinddown
temp: 0
sound: remy shand the way i feel

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