12 April 2007

Chapbook coming soon

Next week there will be a new Broken Jaw Press publication on the table. UGLY will come out of this Spoken Word Arts Network [SWAN] residency group at the Banff Centre. Layout has been started. Two participants' work is already on their pages. The CIP data was applied for earlier this afternoon. ISBN 978-1-55391-063-3. The cover illustration is my riff on a sticker I collected ["Joe Bladesed", some would say] last year in Serbia. In Photoshop, I removed the Serbian text, and the sickle & hammer, from the sky and scroll. I love the socialist-worker-with-mountains-behind-him/her illustration.

If all goes as discussed by the group of us, this chapbook anthology will feature spoken word texts—prose, poetry and ?—in English, Cree and French—by Andrea Thompson, Billeh Nickerson, cheryl l'hirondelle, D. Kimm, Drek Daa, Dwayne Morgan, Fortner Anderson, Hilary Peach, Ian Ferrier, Ivan E. Coyote, Kevin Matthews, Joe Blades, Klyde Broox, RC Weslowski, Sean McGarragle, Sheri-D Wilson and TL Cowan.

Seems that we might also be working to make a compilation spoken word arts CD. One produced/published in time for distribution to member station attending the National Campus and Community Radio Association/l’Association nationale des radios étudiantes et communautaires (NCRA/ANREC) 2007 conference to be hosted by CiUT in Vancouver in June. To be released by Ian Ferrier's Wired on Words out of Montreal.

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