15 April 2007

Hoodoos revisited

Ooogghh. . . to get and walk off my fuzzy, thick head . . . Saturday afternoon. Once the laundry was dry and bagged on the bed, I walked outside past the Banff Centre staff accom buildings on the road to town, but only as far as the Hoodoo Trailhead. Didn't get to see Bow Falls but I did get to the banks of the river around the bend below the falls with the BS Hotel foregrounding Sulpher Mtn. Found a rib—elk or mule deer, my guess—mottled mossy green, brown and white, wedged amongst the rocks of a dry, pre-spring melt runoff, riverbed channel. I continued downriver on the trail that snaked tight between river and the base of Tunnel (nee "Sleeping Buffalo") Mtn.

My walking goal, the Hoodoos: my first trek to them since living in Banff in the early '80s. Even then, I made it to them only once, and that time with a plastic 110 Kodak because my 35 mm SLR was in the repair shop. Never had good photos of the Hoodoos until today. I even went up close and personal to lay my hands on a Hoodoo and to take a few self-portraits with a Hoodoo backdrop.

Hardy mountain crocus in bloom on a windswept, south-facing slope.

Above: cheryl l'hirondelle w/ drum accompanying Ivan E. Coyote during tonight's LOL reading, Calgary International Spoken Word Event @ The Club, The Banff Centre. Except for the terribly off-colour, even offensive, failed attempt at humour by the emcee, the real performers were all great. Outstanding! The spoken word artists performing here have all been outstanding.

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