02 April 2007

Here we go again: Incoming . . .

In the style or pattern of my final days prep time for almost ever big travel-trip in recent years, this afternoon will be heavy chaos. In just a few hours I'll be receiving a shipment delivery of books from the distributor's contracted warehouse services facility in Georgetown, ON: two skids, 121 cartons, 1510 LBS; Daniel, the driver. "Maximum liability of $2.00/lb or $4.41/kg unless declared valuation states otherwise."
My Feast of Fools V laundry is in the dryer. Over half of the kitchenware taken to Lindsay Valley Lodge is dry on the drainboard or back in its proper place. The rest is piled on the kitchen counter top to be dealt with once I have some time. The cover for ellipse 78 is ready to be sent to the printer. The revue/mag's guts will be close behind . . .
My studio space and living room will disappear (again). I've already dismantled the futon frame, and piled frame and futon atop the coffee table pushed tight to the wall. Stuff is layered inside the frame and table. My armour bags are piled atop the futon. The cartons from at least one skid will be piles there. The rest will likely end up in the office . . .
Across the street at Saint Paul's United, the Please / No Parking / Funeral and Funeral / Parking / Only signs are out and the first of the white vehicles from the son of Adam funeral home on another corner of my block are present.
This week, or the last week of April I'll really be needing to look for warehouse storage in Fredericton . . . downtown or Fred Transit accessible, likely heated because it is book inventory, design and admin files to be stored there. It will cost but it could/should/will really clear a mess of broken work stuff out my living space. That will feel so good.

The now broken studio as viewed from my front entry hallway. Isard helped with the load in. Thanks! A Barry Colpitts folk art crow is the overseer.

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Jackie said...

Looks like you definitely need a new space.At least it is all nicely stacked. Unlike some back sheds that I know about.