24 April 2007

Ashes, Paper & Beans: 25 april 2007

Is is my distorted perception or did I suddenly get busier with everthing as soon as I decided to resume doing live episodes of Ashes, Paper & Beans on CHSR?
Tonight's show was a straight-up serving:
• Marilyn Iwama's "A Poetry Break" reading of 10 April '07 @ Smith Hall, The Banff Centre.
• Joe Blades live interview with Carson Butts and Matt Leslie
• "Comfortably Canadian" by Officious Little Students

Matt (left, behind the big windsocked mic) and Carson (right, reading into mic) in the "fishbowl" studio @ CHSR—Joe Blades photo.

T: Little Feat Smooth Sailin' 05
loc: Fredpostprod
temp: 11 C
sound: Soul Coughing El Oso

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