03 April 2007

Ashes Paper & Beans, 3 April 2007

Feature of the show tonight was the live interview with UNB-Canada Council Writer-in-Residence Karen Soile.

The show went like this:
• "Lure" by Judy MacInnes Jr.
• Joe Blades interviewed poet Karen Solie including her reading of three poems—"More Fun in the New World", "The Vandal Confesses", "Thrasher"—from Modern and Normal (Brick Books).
• "Sclérosi névrosa" par Geneviève Letarte.
• poet Steve Luxton reading from Luna Moth (DC Books) @ the Atwater Library, Montreal.
• "Pandore" par Mitsiko Miller.
• "Comfortably Canadian" by Officious Little Students.
• Fredericton Readings News, by Joe Blades.
• "Exploding Head Man (live)" by Ian Ferrier & Brio Trio.

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