17 April 2007

SWAN Summit

In every residence room here, as in most hotel rooms, there is a package of letterhead and envelopes. Above is a pic of the Banff Centre postcard therein included. An oblique aerial view showing the campus of the Banff Centre on the slope of Tunnel Mountain against the backdrop of the significantly larger Mount Rundle with its 12-km long ridged peak.

Pic from the [SWAN] Spoken Word Artists Network Summit meeting yesterday. Ivan E. Coyote and T.L. Cowan viewed between amongst the table's population.

T-shirt: Ruminator . . .
loc: Rm 303, Donald Cameron Hall
temp: 7 C
sound: BIRT development discussion

1 comment:

Jackie said...

You seem to be having a great time. I'm glad that you had this opportunity. I really like the drawings the two handed artist did.