29 March 2007

Feast of Fools V menu

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Feast of Fools V

First Remove
Stuffed Œufs ➣ Bloodshot & Jaundiced
Mixed Greens with Sliced Strawberries & Balsamic Vinegarette
Fresh Veg Pickle ➣ Paprikas, Carrot, Cauliflower Florets, Cuke, Red Onion

Second Remove
Curried Garbanzo Cauliflower Soup
Cabbage Venison Soup
A Selection of Breads

Third Remove
Bacon-Wrapped Green Beans
Porter-Stewed Chicken
Pork Loin Roast rubbed in Sea Salt & Peppercorns with Yogurt Roast Garlic Sauce, Ruby Port Cranberry Berry Sauce, or Traditional Gravy
Sour Cream & Chive Smashed Potatoes
Rutabaga Carrot Hash

Fourth Remove
Danish Rice Pudding with Raspberry Red Currant Drizzle
Lozenge Cheese Curd Pastries
Coffee, Black & Herbal Teas

Cheese ➣ Brie & Cheddar
Olive Medley
Ciabatta Rolls, European 12-Grain & Hearth-style Multigrain Breads
Cinnamon Butter, Honey Butter, Tomato Basil Butter
Fresh Fruit & Vegetables ➣ Grapes, Celery, Carrots, Grape Tomatoes
Strawberry Mint Ginger Sekanjabin
Spring Water

Feastograts: Guinevere, Olaf Vindalf. Shire of Lyndhaven. 31 mars A.S. XLI

T: Surf Joe Boards
loc: dat wurk desk
temp: 1 C
sound: Misty in Roots Roots Controller

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Jackie said...

Sounds like it was a filling feast!