21 March 2007

7th International Multicultural-Multilingual Poetry Reading in Fredericton

Janet, emcee, and Nela Rio, founder and organizer of the 7th International Multicultural-Multilingual Poetry Reading. The reading & exhibit happened in the Multipurpose Room of the Charlotte Street Arts Centre.

Lee Marie Dugas giving a performance piece without sound. She followed it, for the audio recording to be sent to the UN, and to be broadcast on my Ashes, Paper & Beans (CHSR)—earliest possible show will be in May, by reading her text inscribed upon the roll of paper.

A view down one wall of the poster poem exhibit during the reading.

This year's celebration of World Poetry Day with a reading and poster poem exhibit featured poets and members of the community reading in many languages: Spanish, French, Portuguese, Mandarin, Japanese, English, German and Polish. Far and away, the largest number of poems were in Spanish by writers from outside of Fredericton.

Group photo by Brian Atkinson taken with my camera of the stragglers after the exhibit was taken down. It was a great event.

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