28 March 2007

Ashes, Paper & Beans 27 March '07

Last night's program didn't go exactly as planned. The Qwerty lads no-showed for the second half so I, on the spot, inserted the cassette recording of last Monday's reading on campus and listened to it on the cue speaker until I could put it "on air" at an appropriate point in Leckie's introduction of poet Ken Babstock. Timing-wise, his reading worked well instead of the live interview.

The show that happened:
¤ "Sometimes I Think" by Montreal poet Fortner Anderson.
¤ "Ode To Commemorate the World Burns Federation's First Summer School, July 2003" by Scottish poet Hamish MacDonald.
¤ "poems" by rob mclennan (from an Ottawa Poetry Podcast).
¤ "Dad and the Fridge Box" by Newfoundland poet Agnes Walsh (Brick Books).
¤ Ken Babstock reading from Airstream Land Yacht (House of Anansi Press Inc.) w/ a reading introduction by Ross Leckie (19 March 2007).
¤ Fredericton readings news, by Joe Blades.
¤ "Husk" by poet James Deahl, music by D.C. Fitzgerald.

loc: Fredmorningdesk
temp: 5° C, overcast
sound: audio master CDs for the forthcoming The Time in Between by David Bergen, read by Michael Hogan and Tricia Collins (BTC Audiobooks, an imprint of Goose Lane Editions).


Unknown said...

Aww, shoot! I keep forgetting you're back on the air. Missed it again!

Rattling Books said...

You might be interested to know (if you don't already!) that Agnes Walsh's 'In the Old Country of My Heart' is available in audio from Rattling Books. We also have audio releases from Mary Dalton, Michael Crummey, and John Steffler, Canada's new Parliamentary Poet Laureate. I hope you visit us!