13 March 2007

False Start

Tonight, I had intended to resume live Ashes, Paper & Beans episodes. The program director and I had exchanged several emails yesterday and today. I had selected CDs, selected several podcasts and burned them to CD, packed my bag and climbed the hill to CHSR.

Scott, the PD, was at the end of the hall gold spray painting old 45s for this year's CHSR Barry Awards. They're to be presented Friday night. Nice! Turns out they just started the annual FunDrive last night (and that wasn't mentioned last week). I went into MCR to intoduce myself to the programmer before me. Put in a blank CD to record a copy of my show and was just starting to set it up, to check levels and if the cables were there and all, when Scott came in to say there was a hockey game starting at 7 pm. He'd totally forgotten to tell me beforehand. University hockey, UNB or STU, or both, I don't know, but university hockey is the reason CHSR first started its internet broadcasts.

What a false start to resuming live broadcasts. Oh, well. I'll go again next Tuesday. Have three Tuesdays before I fly to Calgary (have those eTickets in hand now) and miss another two live Ashes, Paper & Beans programs.

T-shirt: Surf Joe Boards
loc: Fredtown
temp: 5 C
sound: The Jeff Healy Band See the Light

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