22 March 2007

9th Christina Sabat Memorial Lecture

Another busy arts night in Fredericton. Didn't see the production of Joseph's Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Didn't go to the (to the best of my knowledge) first Fredericton reading by Governor General Literary Award-winning novelist Peter Behrens. No, I went to the 9th annual Sabat lecture . . .

. . . and I'm glad I did! By permission of him and the BAG I recorded it for broadcast on my radio show—likely in May or June (my third event recording in four nights).

Peter Powning artist—potter, glassworker, sculptor, husband to writer Beth Powning (whom I interviewed several years ago for APB), father of Jake the swordsmith, photographer . . . Peter Powning, recipient of the 30th Saidye Bronfman Award for Craft.

Peter gave a great talk. Thought provoking on global issues, the earth and us as its problem, reconsideration of the local including the question of the need for one to assess the environmental impact of one's art making and ancillary practices. Bravo! This was a great talk to hear. A big obligation for all of us to take home and consider: the footprint of out lives, of our art.

[I've thought before, in wondering moments, of just how many trees I need to put back on Earth for my writing and publishing activities. What would I need to do to carbon-neutral my within Canada and intercontinental air travel (more than my local bike riding)?]

Peter, travelling to Fredericton on the Acadian Lines bus from Sussex, brought a box of his family's accumulated techno detritus to decorate, encrust, the otherwise ordinary gallery podium. It was great. A sad counterpoint and/or visual of points in his talk. Especially when he plugged in the xmas lights for emphasis.

T-shirt: gaspereau press
loc: Fredportstrong
temp 7 C, light rain
sound: Tatjana Simonvic piano


Jackie said...

I missed the talk but wanted to go.
Let me know when you are going to air the lecture.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe!
Beth here, wife of Pierre. Thanks so much for publishing the picture of Peter with the decorated podium. I wasn't there because I was hosting Peter Corbyn speaking on Climate Change. So I was delighted to get a visual, and to hear that you enjoyed the talk. Thanks again!