25 December 2006

Xmoose Day 2006

Happy, happy xmoose day!

Winter solstice 2006 sunset over Three Fathom Harbour.

What a day weatherwise this christmas day had been. Great for family and friends' travel. We can all enjoy the sunshine, the mostly green grass, the unusual winter warmth [except of some who really really really wanted snow for a white . . . ]. There's several hundred geese abobbing on the harbour waters out of the range of hunters if any hunters there be today. Wind out of the northwest.

I just pulled big bird from the oven. Dad has gone into Cole Harbour and will being Gram, Mom's Mom, back. Ruth and Mike (w/o Abbey, the black lab) will be over after Mike returns from visiting his mom in her nursing care home. Sister Carol will phone from Toronto between her lunch and evening social twirls. Best wishes to one and all, wherever you are.

T: Surf Joe Boards
loc: Hawkeye Island
temp: 7 C
sound: ""Hork the Harold" or somesuch song [could be "Merry Moose"]

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