14 December 2006

TWUC Postcard Story Competition

The Writers' Union of Canada is holding its annual Postcard Story Competition with a $500 prize awarded to the winning entry. The deadline for entry is February 14, 2007.

$500.00 Prize
What is a Postcard Story?

It can be anything; a memory, part of a longer story, an anecdote or even an experimentation. The form lends itself well to dramatic images and sharp ideas. It is a blend of prose and verse that is conscious of sound and playful with language.

This competition is open to all Canadian citizens and landed immigrants. Original and unpublished (English language) fiction or nonfiction.

Word limit: 250
Deadline: Postmarked February 14, 2007
Entry Fee: $5

How to Submit Entries:
- Typed or computer-printed, double-spaced and numbered on 8.5 x 11 paper, not stapled.
- Submissions on computer disk or faxes will not be accepted.
- Include a separate cover letter with title of story, full name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and number of pages of entry. The author's name should not appear on the actual entry.
- Make cheque or money order payable to The Writers' Union of Canada. Multiple entries can be submitted together and fees can be added and paid with one cheque or money order.
- Results will be posted at www.writersunion.ca. Manuscripts will not be returned.
- Mail to: PCS Competition, 90 Richmond Street East—Suite 200, Toronto ON M5C 1P1.

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