14 December 2006

test poem-platter

This afternoon Ursula Sommerer came by my place with our test poem-platter from back in July. Four different processes resulted in four different colours on the lines of text. In the end, she used the blacker-making iron oxide used on my name. Several seriously twisted letters in my first use, my test use, of the letter stamps borrowed from Shanie Stozek (who just opened her pottery studio this past Saturday, December 9, at 271 Killarney Road, Nashwaak Village, NB).

The final, finished, collaborative platter, prison song 05, exhibited in the Casemates show in City Hall, was recently purchased by the City of Fredericton Art Collection.

Early in the new year, Ursula and I expect to collaborate on at least one more tall poem-platter . . . maybe more . . . Anyone seriously interested in one is welcome to email me :-)

T: Mojo Club
loc: Fredfaxebock
temp: 6 C
sound: The Chieftains The Long Black Veil

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