27 December 2006

Found Photo(s) du Jour +

Found 7 October 2006 by my parents on Highway 4 where it's joined by the dirt road from the falls near Ski Wentworth (on its open house day). Parents were parked eating lunch when a truck came out the road. Mom said she noticed something dark fly up and off the truck. The truck didn't stop after it turned and headed toward Folly Mountain, Folly Lake and points beyond loosely in the direction of Truro, NS.

Scores of photos of the falls and autumn woods, of baby, of baby and parents, of older sister/friend/grandma(?) and baby . . .

Camera has seen better days:
• Older Fuji FinePix 2600 Zoom.
• Black camera bag.
• Held together, on the bottom, with packing tape. Is missing three essential little phillips screws meant to hold the case together. Maybe it's been dropped or bounced before?

T: great whale petroglyph
loc: Hawkeye Island
temp: a hair above 0 C
sound: wood stove, Dad washing dishes, Little Feat Waiting for Columbus

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Jackie said...

Some people lose the strangest things.
I hope that your holiday was peaceful.