29 December 2006

Clarke Review of Let Rest

Only a year and a half after the book's release, here's a review by George Elliott Clarke, one of a handfull of great reviewers in Canada, of Let Rest by Acadien poet Serge Patrice Thibodeau, translated into English by Ottawa's Jonathan Kaplansky (Broken Jaw Press, 2005, ISBN 978-1-55391-035-0). Click on the image copy of the review to read it.

So much for the stupid retail notion that books, even Canadian poetry books, now have a shelf life of only six weeks [meaning that these great book resellers insisist that at six weeks a book passes its "best before" date and then goes stale or mouldy or becomes something similarly undesirable]. I doubt that there's any copies of this book in stores today.

P.S. There's a box or so of this book here in Fredericton looking for good homes everywhere!

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1 comment:

Russell CJ Duffy said...

apparently poetry AND short stories have little commercial appeal. what a fucked up world we live in eh?