20 December 2006

then & now

World's first Xmas card-London, 1843Repro of what is allegedly the world's first Christmas card, London, UK, 1843. Received it in an unexpected email this week. Nice. I haven't sent cards to anyone, anywhere . . . not for the Christmasses, not for the New Years' celebrations, not even for this week's winter solstice. In some past years I have written poems, made art, printed cards . . .

                             —from The Taproom, Fredericton

Think I'll take a pass on this one, too. Wish there wasn't need for things like police spot-checks and Operation Red Nose to catch or keep a few of the Christmas season drunks from getting behing the wheel and driving themselves or others to a miserable death. Don't need drunk drivers anytime! Life is fragile enough without the destuctive potential of drunks at the wheel. Why not have a breathalyzer built into the steering wheel? One that automatically prevents the driver from starting or operating the vehicle when its sensors detect alcohol. Don't want a Twisted Sleigh Ride (or two) to get home.

Have happy and safe festivities wherever you are, whatever you do!

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