17 December 2006

removal begun

out of necessity, out of self-interest in recovering my own space, i'm roped in to assisting with the move out, the double move out, to a still not secured move in

today i went over early to enable the removal of upriver wingnut's pottery kiln from the shed to a new purpose downriver. ron arrived driving a dark blue half ton pickup that he wouldn't shut off in the city for fear that it wouldn't start

before that i had haulled the brown chair curbside and had emptied and upended the ratty sofa in the living room doorway. after they left, the sofa went out the front door. then i hefted the baking soda freezer through the studio door and down the dangerously angled steps to the driveway. with cordless drill, i unscrewed the lid and removed it. used my colourfully stickered hand-truck to wheel sofa and freezer to the end of the driveway. added a few old plastic toys to the pile photographed

back inside i pushed the "DO NOT OPEN," toxic, taped-shut freezer from the dining room to where the sofa had been in the living room. plugged it back in. when the light trucking guys come, i hope it can go out the front door and not have to go back through the box-filled, congested kitchen . . .

T-shirt: Surf Joe Boards
loc: Fredcurbside
temp: 0 C
sound: Dave Matthew Under the Table and Dreaming

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