04 November 2005

to from . . .

to the river; to the mountain
from famous smoked meat sandwich
to the old city; to the new towers
from a mind-slip word stumble
to a house in the north; boat on a river
from street to desk a trail of coffee drops
to the west; to the south then midwest
from the east or northeast expelled
to the ocean; to the mountains beyond
from lands outside one’s known world
to heavily-draped room for body acting
from a period of diminishing comfort
to uncertainty of bound incontinence
to a volcanic plug above clustered huts
from lice-infested notions of trade
to continental mistaken identity case
from home on the road again
to the disorientation of learning
from communication’s friendship

shirt: "staff" + charcoal long-sleeved dress shirt
loc: Corbertine, Hôtel Omni Mont-Royal, Montréal QC
temp: ?
sound: bilingual reading by Herménégilde Chiassson and Jo-Anne Elder

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