26 November 2005

in dark water

swimming in dark water
for shore
or bottom
or something floating
that i can hold onto
until a better idea comes along

t: camouflage (contract-134421)
loc: comCtr
temp: -3 C
sound: Fiftymen After Darkfall


Anonymous said...

This is just how I feel!

Anonymous said...

I’ve been reading Broken Joe for a while, and first I want to say is that I really like the way U write and think, above all I’ve enjoyed reading Ur poems. When I read ‘In dark water’ first thought crossed my mind was: This is just how I feel (as I’ve already written above). After some time I’ve found myself wondering whether reading was just another floating thing to hold onto, or maybe a way for shore… For me, I guess, it’s just a board. How do U feel about writing?


Anonymous said...

Books are better than people, that's why there are books. "Look into the invisible and you will see beyond the mind's eye"

Joe Blades said...

both writing and reading can be a floating thing to hold onto, to transport one out of a situation or place into something different, other. this is part of the good magic of words and language, culture. writing makes for an easy sharing far and wide, easier than talking (unless broadcast or recorded and reproduced). reading or the book may sometimes be a board to cling to in deep, dark water. other times it may be the diving board or a see-saw. writing might have grown the tree or build the ship or whatever that this flotsam is from. one doesn't really know, or need to know.