22 November 2005

nap shower eat meet

there's no nap for dzo awake and working seven and a half hours today on book design and correspondence while hammer and saw work on renovation or repairs in the apartments on the floor above

he stood in hot water as it rained over him and soften his bristled face until he scraped it with a safe razor blade then shampooed and conditioned his mass of threatening spiral ringlet hair

steak tartar and pickled roasted red pepper and cheese bcubes are safe use of the stove this morning as it the auto-shutoff kettle for coffee water and the passive microwave oven for oatmeal

the meeting is immediate future in a bowl of november rain inverted with textiles and papers scattered gathered recombined and sodden with fear of the non-biting virtual alternative lapdog at his side

T: plain burgundy
loc: comCtr
temp: 7 C
Sound: Screaming Trees "More or Less"

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Anonymous said...

Fear of the non-biting virtual alternative lapdog at his side, or fear of himself?