03 November 2005

Halloween found

Halloween is still present on av Laval in Montreal. This big ol' pumpkitten guarding the steps of where I'll be staying the next few days.

Then there's the giant spider of welcome!

Scariest of all is the viscous, slobering at the mouth, fanged, wee beastie, Catou, who put the run to the hound of Baskerville.

T-shirt: "P.E.N. is mightier than the sword"
loc: White Dwarf's kitchen table
temp 3 C
sound: fishbowl and fridge hum-gurgles


Unknown said...

OMG! How cute is Catou?! I don't care how vicious or slobbery, think of me and stuff the little beastie in your daypack before you leave.

Joe Blades said...

the wee beastie hath protection by larger besties and must stay in montreal

Anonymous said...

Dragi Džo,
We just want to say hello.
It's nice clear weather, 20 degrees centigrade. Kids are playing.
Outside are half naked branches,over Sava there is panorama of Belgrade city in fog.
Tanja, Jelena, Uki, children and a dog called Tiia