17 November 2005

in front of a computer

if there is time to sit in front of a computer
and converse with impossibly far-off friends
and if there is exhaustion for an afternoon nap
then falling asleep repeatedly in front of a tv
and if travel’s elliptic return discovers
grapes becoming raisins in a refrigerator
and if cheques received are postdated
while those amounts owed are past due
and if it is t-shirt afternoon weather
but longjohns and wool socks night
and if a not-watched kettle boils three times
before its hot water gets poured on coffee
and if everyone wants to tell their story
there might be less human destruction
and if a hurricane has destroyed this year
then an abysmal silence has reclaimed
and if a cowboy drops a match burning
sulphurous into neighbouring bushes
and if there are manuscripts to read
for books to publish but not retail
and if a pigeon atop a statue head
of state religion industry is death
and if school buses continue gathering
then dropping children in institutions
and if come-down leaves clog gutter
backed-up water pools and freezes
and if sudden winter hits fiercely
during extended construction season
and if this is a one-minute survey
but another is an essay question worth
and if the telephone ringer is off
a robot answers to records messages
and if morning departure for afternoon
arrival means a short-work friday
and if waking for dawn’s arrival
is another’s high noon waiting
and if there’s an end to possibilities
then this is all rendered meaningless

T: NB Filmmakers Coop, 15 Years of Filmmaking, 1979-1994
loc: comCtre
Temp: 6 C
Sound: Tragically Hip Music @ Work

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

As long as there exist a man
Whose songs come from his heels instead of abdomen
Makes you not realize the stormy weather
That usually gives you a headache
There is a smile on your face,
But you don’t know it
Pretzel seller on the street,
‘It’s nice to see people smiling. These days that’s rarity.’
You find yourself singing his song…
the last night concert was beautiful…
You felt his affection, he gave himself to the music, completely
With every single piece of his being, and to you
Through his singing.
You remember the endless possibilities,
There is the meaning.