06 November 2005


sometimes trees are not harvest
for themselves but simply to clear
today is tomorrow (re)visited

sometimes a swelling
is just bladder’s wake-up call
the heart clot a fear of flying

sometimes the bird on a wire
is a hawk not a song
the lights in the sky reflections

sometimes the dogs are loose
outside mortgaged houses
clear running water contaminated

sometimes love is trust grown
from simple accompanying
drizzle is hill-scraping clouds

someplace one’s juniper tree
is another’s tamarack or hackmatack
the potato field a gravel bed

sometimes transport trucks empty
are toppled by sudden winds
water not a source of go

sometimes the sniffles are not sinus
and the brain pan pressure pounds
one’s blank is actually full

shirt: P.E.N. Canada
loc: Acadian coach 15602, Trans-Can Hwy, Saint John River valley
temp: 25 C (inside); 3 C outside
sound: sniffles and the road

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