14 March 2012

staircase poem 41

two score pommes in basket
appendix to report still
needing completion closure

completion & a good defence
of my project with report
to the faculty's dean & to
school of graduate studies
& then to some committee
or university senate
for final approval before
i am really graduated

but right now today
perhaps i am third
fire extinguisher
in office ex-custodial
room—something to do
with fluid mechanics
raoul & christina's love
script sheets left onstage
in dugald blue auditorium

consider the poetry in
my striking my exhibition
same time same day
—lucky 13th—as my advisor
& supervisor jenn p was
loading in & installing
new version of landscape—
love & longing in saint john
arts centre with golden dome

tomorrow afternoon will be at airport
on striking workers picket line with
public service alliance president

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