13 March 2012

staircase poem 39

exhibition teardown was
fast easy & efficient
but i was prepared—
had everything from
the load-in in boxes
plus screwdrivers
that's all we needed—
parents helping me
after first seeing
exhibition on its
its last day in charlotte
glencross gallery

now i’ve moved typewriter
from charlotte street
to d'avray hall 145
for more typing–writing
in the other stairwell
busy with bed puppy mill
& english language programs
students from around the world

sad to see empty lines
hang down artless walls
lines with hooks but no bait
to catch suspected or alleged
art loitering in public
with intent—some art
needs a good hanging
some needs to be set free

this too warm room
with two desks—only one
occupied—& royal typewriter
not a romanian secret prison
near tisa river & ukraine
with locked-in interrogation room
cuffed & chained prisoner
& interrogator both in the box
bright light & manual typewriter
to instantly transcribe q&a

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