10 March 2012

staircase poem 32

irish night before summer
professional training opps
stretch & float to the floor
make like an earthquake
deliver progress as promised
four parts in four emails
before super away to antigonish
& an art exhibit opening
fabrique en canada
le hipster parti du canada
rusty trail of poems sticker
from dineen drive lamp standard
—rust-water stained paper
for journal & this poem—
an information-free mylar tag
& mike mesheau (1998) "years
i worked to have art moved from
the shore" (p. 23) says (2011)
"let your stick people go!" (n.p.)
—oui je cherchez l'étage et
fond forêt—two picaroons
for saturday lunch at closed
alden nowlan house bar
dunu & džo on the deck
sitting in sun with pints
before heading for charlotte
street & this typewriter
hi ho hi ho it's off
to poem writing i go!!!
poetry is a right
a write a rite
not a mortgage
or mortgageable
to borrow money against
& pay back with interest
from your poem returns

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