10 March 2012

staircase poem 33

could crowdfunding work
for a poet & poetry project
the way salmon arm community
published spit on wishes
nearly thirty years ago
by horse-logging poet lorne
dufour many years after
he dropped out of university
with an incomplete thesis
on the poetry of ______
with susan musgrave a fellow
student & poet (& she has
appeared in a poem of mine
before—one in open road west)

was just asked to enter field
after corporate harvesters
glean a little & make comments
for deaf eyes & blind ears
sit at the table & negotiate
together like the coworkers
you are in defence of striking
’port workers & bosses stop
your bullying now & forever
else activists will be active
& show support at your door
where you don’t want them seen
—workers should be working
not on strike without a contract

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