01 March 2012

staircase poem 23

had wanted to be here
yesterday to write
leap forward! staircase
poem but i was too
flat out in prep
noontime general
meeting i chaired
was working on
union dime union time
staircase poems skipped
or leaped over leap year
day a missed opportunity
but after radio apb
ashes paper & beans
i emceed first ever
world poetry movement
in fredericton
a leap forward! event
in spanish german &
english in alden nowlan
house windsor castle bar

guess i was on union time
at noon today & noon tomorrow
too with organizing team
meeing in ugsw union office
& a picket planned for 4 pm
& more pickets 10 to noon
saturday & sunday at the 'port
entrances off the road in
between fredericton lincoln
& oromocto base gagetown
—union picket fence—
was there last friday
morn before dawn
was first on the scene
before any 60601 members
coals in the barrel fire
glowing from day before
joined by nurses fredericton
firefighters cupe education
saint john airport workers
& mark from halifax as anna

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