11 March 2012

staircase poem 35

on friday afternoon after
centre for arts & technology
graduation ceremony or awards
something ended in auditorium
crowd of parents students &
siblings stream through hall
& down the stairs to the world
but some pool on this landing
quietly waiting for something

out of the crowd steps jean
rooney irish–canadian artist
& part-time instructor at cfat
with a passion for artmaking
& a tale of altered typewriters
too strong for fredericton public
she's been told but she wants
for me to see them sometime
—maybe at type-in event?

a typewriter with alpha-
numeric keys replaced
with teeth—both real
human teeth & dental casts
—then used to type
with teeth hitting–biting
ribbon & inking paper—
& another typewriter with teeth
for the rows of buttons
to touch type or hunt’n’peck

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