09 March 2012

staircase poem 31

someone took my chair
tough to sit to type
chairless or chair-free
borne-free & so not a lion

substanced liquid a chai
schwarzer in travel mug with
i support my bargaining team
still stretched around it

yesterday was international
women's day & i did not do
anything in celebration
wore a jean jacket outside

warm enough many do not
wear sweaters or coats
as major snowmelt happens
& i limp while walking

heavy rain in the night
jupiter venus & moon obscured
snow flurries before dawn
& they end before winds

enter the last bend
final weekend in this
trail of poems prolific
report approaches 200 pages

how many poems in a bushel?
how many apples: 84 to 168
depending upon their weight
how many wishes in a sheep?

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