01 March 2012

staircase poem 22

just in from standing together
for our public services
in front of service canada office
630 queen street fredericton
me holding one end
of a psac-afpc banner
dave shaw has in his truck
—many photos taken

thursday afternoon baby
bunheads lively downstairs
in pastel pink green & blues
there's busy all around charlotte
street arts centre—reception
prep—fredericton business after hours
(chamber of commerce peeps
in stairwells & auditoriums)

pilates named after a person
my new knowledge for today
& joseph calls it contrology
this stretching of simile
arm leg & side like a tree
in wind or a salmon leaping
up falls on the humber river
above corner brook newfoundland

littles too little for bunhead
class want to climb the dark
wood steps because they are
here & they know steps
& stairs lead somewhere
& on my stage i'm to be
joined by richard gloade esq
singing & playing guitar

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