11 March 2012

staircase poem 34

imagen no disponsible
even quieter today
in arts centre than yester-
saturday & hall lights off
sun through windows illuminates
& i remember the complaint
from tenants not my neighbours
in halifax apartment below
a complaint delivered
as a warning from landlord
that i cannot type
in the nightime
because the sound disturbed
—& that with a purring
ibm selectric not a manual

& now i envision
flash mob on with typewriters
filling a café or bar
parliament hill queen’s park
with an open mic for reading
the just composed & typed

some see me as gallery sitter
or attendant as i have been
oft in times past in halifax
new york city & fredericton
but i prefer being here
with intent & purpose
more than watching dust
motes float on the air
as posters slowly fade
in the sun’s strong light

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