01 March 2012

staircase poem 25

a score & four poems
on the wall rearranged
to make room for more
writings in next two
weeks of this residency
whitefeather says she
needs opera glasses
to read the top row
of poems high
above the floor

work detail arriving
getting ready
delta doing cash bar
in auditorium plus
an artist—photographer
andrew kelly of
sameasforever studio
& there’s a table
of door prizes & richard
gloade esq wondering
about positioning
for himself & conga player

chamber staff with registration
materials & a fishbowl
to collect business cards
is set up in foyer downstairs
leader of nb ndp wears
liberal red tie—why?
time for a soundcheck
just before showtime
me on keys unexpected
third in musical trio
providing musical entertainment
for other fredericton businesspeople
gathering here with curiosity
many people’s first time
in charlotte street arts centre

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