10 July 2007

tuesday morning

congratulations go to belisarius
on the oh so near effectiveness
of coordinating his surprise attack moose
just as i'd ridden past the christ
jesus died for our sins
clubhouse where gibson becomes canada
street and i was marysville bound
was almost airborne when the head—
her huge lips and nose out in front—
lurched up from alder and birch ditch

swerved the bike sideways and my
heart already pumped from railbed
grade climb from devon now opened
flat out and i thanked my lucky stars

to see wildlife while biking around fredericton is normal for me: deer, groundhogs, chipmunks, osprey, kingfishers, snakes, muskrats, turtles, eagles, chickadees, crows and more crows, frogs . . . here's a few pics from the past week:

weasel, mink, martin or [ . . . what?] on the saint john river. photo taken from the ex-train bridge. if only i had a serious telephoto lens . . .

a most unusual dragonfly i've found only in lincoln. the white body reminds me of a moth

someone messin' with us: bart and shrek take a break

a dzo watching doe

one of several osprey on nests that i cycle past. this one had at least one down-covered chick when i went by on saturday

t: gaspereau press
loc: broken phone-in
temp: 17, bright overcast
sound: pogues waiting for herb

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