27 July 2007

tha Scots ou comin'

Wha happened ta July? Seems like Can Day just happened. The Gallery Connexion commissioned painters . . . All the music, the space invaders, my poem writing marathon . . . There's sill a crop circle in the grass beside the pedway from the all-day pony rides.

Last night, for the first time, Deanna sat with her Can Day–Paint tha Town Red painting now on an outside wall @ Wilser's Room. First time having a brewski with her creation . . .

Now it's "Be a Scot for a Weekend". Means it's last weekend of July and time for the New Brunswick Highland Games & Scottish Festival (the 26th such) here in Fredericton.

Means it's time for another edition of
on CHSR . . .

I not ready. My mind's not there. Just not wrapping itself around the event starting today!!! Highland Games parade at 12 noon on Queen Street. Highland radio starts this afternoon. I'm to be on air 6-8 this evening from the studio, and possibly Sat- and or Sunday afternoon from the games' site on the Woodstock Road.

Thought I'd be in a HD Camera workshop all weekend but it's been rescheduled to late September. Then thought I'd be acting in a short movie scene shoot on Saturday morning but one of the actors isn't available . . . but then there's the 28th annual NB Film Coop bbq party Saturday evening. Should be a good one.

T-shirt: CHSR Highland Radio 2005
loc: the wee box in the ex-kirk
temp: 25
sound: fans and cars and Portishead Roseland NYC live

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