11 July 2007

APB, 10 July 2007

Last night's Ashes, Paper & Beans started with Shane Koyzan's CD Visiting Hours from his book of the same name. That was followed by two cuts from the Dig Your Roots Spoken Word CD: Steph Berntson with "Barreling Madly" and Kevin Matthews with "Arsenic and Boldface". Then it was "Equilibrium" by Neema, "I've Been Thinking / It's about Time" by R.C. Weslowski; “What are you going to do with your life?” by Barbara Decesare; "Tattoo" and "Loretta" by Hilary Peach.

T-shirt: CHSR Highland Radio 96
loc: fedputerdesk
temp: 22 C
sound: System of a Down

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