31 July 2007

Accident Response

While many were wasting watching late night snewscasts I interrupted my online text chat with the rogue druidess to phone 9-1-1 on a two-vehicle accident that just occured in the (my) intersection of York & George streets in downtown F'ton.

air bags deployed in the truck
don't think there's any serious injuries
two peeps in truck: guy & gal, a dog
one girl/woman, "very fuckin sorry" in the car
plastic but no obvious liquids on the street
seems a second dog has disappeared
run away—run east on George Street
two ambulances then two police cars
no fire dept emo response truck
or other fire d trucks
eventualy a tow truck arrives
to haul the jeep/cherokee whatever truck
onboard and away to a mechanic of their choice

T-shirt: Surf Joe Boards
temp: 20 C
sound: The Cure Wild Mood Swings

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