14 July 2007

My next film rôle

I'm good enough to be shot. Not just my mug for newspaper and news stories. In the opening scene of My Selfish Life, by Steve Doiron (Dark Night Pictures) in Saint John, I'm to be one of three [really, it's four, but three are numbered not named] professors murdered, executed, with a gunshot to the back of the head, before the suitcase bomb explosion . . .

Back in February, at the end of an Intro Directing workshop led by Gia Milani, Stephen came up to me and said that I looked like a character he was looking for for a short film project he had in the works. I gave him my business card but he didn't have one to give me . . .

Recently, New Brunswick Film announced the 2007 recipients of their Short Film Venture Program. Four recipients are to receive financial assistance for the production of short films (10 minutes or less) in province this year.

The Short Film Venture Program, administered by New Brunswick Film in cooperation with the New Brunswick Film Co-op, assists emerging New Brunswick filmmakers who have a serious interest in establishing a career in filmmaking.

The 2007 recipients . . . [include]:

Steven Doiron of Rothesay, who is writing and directing My Selfish Life, a 10-minute story about a woman's unfulfilled life, her unfinished past, and her vision of a second chance
I'll be in the movie's Art Dept as well, writing and producing the aged newspaper clippings, with Steven's headines, that the Elderly Woman will pull from an old box in her basement. Four professors killed in bombing of research laboratory, is one of them. I'll be making them in the next little while . . . as soon as I receive the chosen photos of the four professors.

As yet, I don't know who any of the other actors will be. My scene is to be shot by early August. The rest of the movie will be shot on the last two weekends of August. It should be screened, if not premiered, in Silver Wave Film Festival 2008.

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