24 July 2007

'nother APB: 24 July 2007

Dwayne MorganStarted tonight's Ashes, Paper & Beans with more of my cassette recording of the Big Bang Poetry & Music event in the 2007 Calgary International Spoken Word Festival: Blake Brooker, emcee; Sheri-D Wilson & Cheryl L'Hirondelle with "Big Sky Alberta", and Dwayne Morgan with various poems including “Ugly in the House Tonight”, “Everyday Males, or, eMales”, "This is Hard" & “The Making of a Man”. Then a Finnish sound poem by Leevi Leto: "Sanasade (Marko Niemi remix)". Show closed with "Revival" by Andrea Thompson.

NOTE: Special episode!
Highland Ashes, Paper & Beans this Friday, 27 July 2007, @ 6 pm! Ach, aye, its Scottish poetry (followed by an ho'r o' Scotch Music!

loc: fredblackhole
temp: 24 C feeling like 31 C (even after sunset!)
sound: Portishead Dummy

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