12 July 2007

the rain

the rain has come to town
heavy and phat drops thick
as thunderstorm rain only
none of that yet just sirens
of police car and firetrucks
heading downer into downtown
and the river only three
streets and a parking lot away

windless pewter grey sky
maple trees brilliant green
against that low dullness
pressing down as it rolls
or flows over us—finally
the rain has come and the air
through open windows livens
all that stifled heat stilled

black coffee doesn't up energy
i yawn with the hidden sun not
yet halfway from here's horizon
to the yardarm of high noon
the young frogs will be lively
and the gardens thick with slugs
—yellowy-orange and smaller
than black ones on the left coast

shirt: yellow Covington
loc: fredopenwindow
temp: 19 C
sound: the rain and vehicles on wet streets

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