31 January 2007


© Joe Blades 2007

tonight he can't get far enough
from near full moon to see it and
its storm ring so large and clipped
by his framed eyes and tired mind
living simultaneously in two worlds

the night sky is not modern
but still in its eternal dark ages
plague rat souvenirs for the kids
lemons continue to prevent scurvy
the stout in the den cool and thick

after a day of cutting leather
and rivetting his gorget together
he sits at the darkened wood bar
his tired eyes gone fuzzy blank
on beer taps bottles and clay mugs

seat tax before another cold walk
another mundane night alone
the once gritty ice worn smooth
too much arctic wind blown downriver
so many strangers wasting their lives

the dead are feeling overcrowded
and they will be squeezed for ever
more space as deaths accumulate
from ever more births and lives
in this finite home called earth

T-shirt: Pennsic XXXII
loc: Fredshippingcounter
temp: -25° C
sound: Bob Marley Soul Almighty

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