10 January 2007

Two Singers

The cast base of one of the Singer sewing machine tables found in Senta / Zenta, Serbia at the Mojo Club. the lower part of the oval reads "Zenta / Biligzky Karoly".

There's an ironworks in the town of Senta (town's name in Hungarian is Zenta) that made iron plate-wheel tractors and more. Don't really know anything about them. Just walked past the grounds of their plant across the road from the train station. Don't know if they made these sewing machine bases or not. Couldn't find info about that on the Singer site but saw that Singer once had a huge production plant in St Petersburg.

The base of the Singer table my mother has in Nova Scotia.

Have no idea where it was cast. Know that there are several of these bases around. Mother's current Singer machine is actually on the pine tabletop (not shown), and it has drawers. Think one of my sisters has another one of these bases remade. Think there's one for me too, if I ever get a suitable space . . .

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Kellie said...

WHEN you get a suitable place. Think positive. It's the Mighty way ;-)

jackie said...

I have an old singer like that in teh shed. I have used it and it sews through anything. Reverse, however, would be nice.