15 January 2007

One for the Weavers

On Saturday one of my cousins and his wife delivered a box and bag of stuff and a new board to replace a broken one on my livingroom futon.

The bag was filled with neckties. They came from the wardrobe of the deceased husband of a friend of my grandmother in Cole Harbour, NS: Quite a few silk ones. Plus some wool ties from England, Scotland, Shetland, Trimingham's of Bermuda, one from Quebec, and one handwoven by Betty Complin of St Catharines, Ontario. The prize, however, is a score of handwoven wool ties from Madawaska Weavers here in New Brunswick. Upriver from Fredericton, they were woven and sewn in St Leonard.

I'm not a tie man. Own a few out of neccessity. Why would I want to put a rope around my neck? Have always maintained that there's too many ties in the world. I'll do something with these ties. Maybe make a more useful, usable piece of clothing from them? Don't know yet but there's no rush . . .

shirt: blue long sleeve
loc: fredcollection
temP: -11 C
sound: The Beatles "white album"


Jackie said...

Think QUILT Joe!

Joe Blades said...

Quilt has already been discussed with Darlene, as has wearable something(s) . . . say, a vest

Unknown said...

Hi Joe, I was doing a search on Madawaska Weavers because I have a woven wool shawl that I would like to get to a home that would love it. It's navy blue with red/yellow/silver on both ends. It looks to be vintage/ has a label that says "Faitala Main 100% Pure Wool, Madawaska Weavers, St. Leonard, NB. I'm happy to send it to you--I think you would give it a good home. I don't see an email address here--how do I contact you? Thanks, Jessie

Joe Blades said...

Comments work well for establishing contact. Several of Joe Blades links to the right the blog post include have my addrees. A Madawaska Weavers shawl sounds like a great thing. The ties really are great, too. Thanks for contacting me.

Unknown said...

Jessie, the scarf, whether or table scarf, is great. It looks to be in excellent condition and it definitely is welcomed in my home. I'm very pleased to be able to use to dress a table. Thank you so much!